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Where technology and botany come together

0% Ammonia is the ammonia-free hair colour of the future. The vegetable oils, colour formula and PLEX REPAIR technology come together to deliver a unique result: healthy hair and long-lasting, vibrant colours.

28 shades

28 intense, super-bright colours. Base tones for the most rebellious grey hair or ash tones to soften reddish or orange reflections in the hair.

Argan oil, jojoba and shea butter

Natural oils that nourish the hair and deliver natural shine and softness. 


Permanent, ammonia-free colour for grey hair coverage.

Plex Repair technology

Restores the internal structure of the hair to increase its resistance to breakage.

Benefit from PLEX REPAIR technology

0% Ammonia is a permanent ammonia-free colour specially designed to cover 100% of grey hair while nourishing and restoring the hair.

With the exclusive post-colour nourishing treatment enriched with natural oils and PLEX REPAIR technology, each application restructures the hair fibre from the inside out. It also includes 5 BENEFITS SERUM to provide unique nourishment, instant shine and split-end repair for a vibrant colour.

Try PLEX REPAIR technology for yourself!

1. Black
1.88 Intense blue black
3. Dark chestnut
 4. Chestnut
4.15 Chocolate ice cream
5. Light chestnut
5.1 Light ash chestnut
5.35  Chocolate
6. Dark radiant blonde
6.1 Dark ash blonde
6.74 Copper brown
7.73 Golden brown
7. Blonde
7.0 Medium radiant blonde
7.1 Medium ash blonde
7.13 Beige blonde
8.0 Light radiant blonde
8.1 Light ash blonde
8.31 Honey blonde
8.77 Intense light brown blonde
9.0 Very light radiant blonde
9.1 Very light ash blonde
10.0 Extra light blonde
101 Ash platinum blonde
5.69 Reddish purple
6.6 Dark reddish blonde
7.44 Copper blonde
8.66 Ruby red
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