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ColorCor Permanent

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For highly nourished hair

ColorCor Permanent is a permanent, ammonia-based colour enriched with five natural oils and collagen to protect and soften your hair while providing full grey hair coverage. The professional-quality formula delivers intense, bright and long-lasting colour.

39 shades

Up to 39 radiant, vibrant shades, from the deepest black to the most dazzling platinum. 

100% grey hair coverage

ColorCor Permanent is the best choice for covering grey hair.

5 natural oils

Sunflower, extra virgin olive, corn germ, grapeseed and rosehip oils.

Enriched with collagen

For highly nourished, silky-smooth hair.

Combines coverage, colour and nourishment

ColorCor Permanent is the permanent colour that provides 100% grey hair coverage in addition to radiant, highly nourished hair.

The Protective Serum will take care of the most damaged hair to prepare it for a radiant result and natural colour. It also includes Post Colour nourishing treatment with collagen to give your hair a shiny, ultra-silky finish.

Forget about your grey hair and nourish your hair!

1. Black
2.10 Blue black
3. Dark chestnut
4. Medium chestnut
4.15 Chocolate ice cream
5. Light chestnut
5.77 Intense light chestnut brown
5.79 Chocolate brown
6. Dark blonde
6.1 Dark ash blonde
6.15 Macadamia brown
6.25 Hazelnut brown
6.35 Caramel brown
7.77 Intense brown blonde
7 ½ .1 Medium ash blonde
7. Medium blonde
7.1 Medium ash blonde
7.3 Medium golden blonde
7.31 Nude beige
8 ½ .1 +Light ash blonde
8. Light blonde
8.1 Light ash blonde
8.3 Light golden blonde
8.31 Nude sand
9. Very light blonde
9.1 Very light ash blonde
9.3 Very light golden blonde
10 Extra light blonde
100 Natural platinum blonde
101 Ash platinum blonde
4.5 Dark mahogany
5.20 Purple
5.5 Red mahogany
6.4 Dark copper blonde
6.60 Passionate red
7.40 Intense copper blonde
7.43 Warm copper
8.44 Light copper blonde
8.6 Intense red
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