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The R&D project titled “RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF NEW DIRECT-ACTING TEMPORARY HAIR COLOUR WITH ACIDIC pH” has made it possible to formulate an acidic hair colour in gel format, free from ammonia and oxidants and with regenerative, smoothing and anti-frizz properties. Its capacity to regenerate the cuticle restores the hair, which sets it apart from other products currently on the market.

NEOCOS LABORATORIOS S.L. has received a subsidy from Valencia’s Ministry for Sustainable Economy, Production Industries, Trade and Commerce to support project INPYME/2022/823, titled “STRATEGIC PRODUCTIVE INVESTMENTS TO IMPROVE THE COMPETITIVENESS OF NEOCOS”, as part of the industrialisation aid programme for investments by industrial SMEs in the Valencian Community, which is designed to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of certain sectors, within the fifth implementation phase of the Strategic Plan of Valencian Industry, for the 2022 financial year (INPYME). 

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